Forgotten Season (Ballad Version)

Forgotten Season (A Ballad)

Beneath the moonlit summer night,
Aglow with a star-like luster
Was a lass fair and radiant,
Caught in the charm of a performer. 

The unexpected guest listened
As the lad’s lullaby resonated;
A sorrow she could not comprehend
Was the reason both were fated.

Emotion and song adrift in the air;
The broken brought comfort tonight.
Two moon-kissed figures were a pair
With one smile friendly and bright.
By autumn, his leaf-like heart fell
And winter couldn’t be warmer;
There’s something this lad longed to tell,
“I love you, please remember.”
At that moment she knew
Love was the song in her heart;
When flowers bloomed and grass grew,
They promised never to part.

And so, “Though hardships arise
And the unthinkable befalls you,
I shall dry your tear-filled eyes;
Take a leap and I’ll catch you.” 

One step into dreaded unknown
With dreams and wishes to fulfill,
“Smile, you’re never alone,”
He whispered in the night so still.
But then arose a sudden turmoil—
Brothers shed brothers’ blood;
Red drops stained motherland soil;
Bodies laid in rain-covered mud.

“Promise me you’ll be alright,”
Her voice faltered among the sobs;
Yet lads were made to fight
And Death chooses the life it robs.
With her memory in his pocket he fought,
In her heart his song still ringed clear.
Parting was never an easy thought
Knowing the end is near.

Though days turned years of waiting,
Love watched ever so patiently;
Only hope had kept her going
And the love engraved in her memory.

When the moor was clothed in snow
And the cherry blossoms were in bloom;
When the warm summer breeze used to blow
And fallen leaves swept with a broom;

'Twas a season of laughter and tears—
When dreams could come true
And love dispelled all fears—
The forgotten season war had slew.

Please return, oh lonely soldier Blue,
That the lovely season may continue.
For “Seasons may change and people too,
But never the love I had for you.”

 -N.S. 2016

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