Breaking Thin Ice


Aren’t they too fragile?
These emotions sway so easily
I disappear when the dawn breaks
To look for answers
I stand before this cross road
The starlight has become my guidepost
Can you tell me,
Where should I go?
Although it may be far away
That I might get discouraged
I will wait for heaven’s will
This is destiny
As the raging waves of the seas roar
I have no power against them
But surely the sea will part and make a way for me
Someday, we can be divine
On the cold frozen ground
I will walk barefooted
With your warmth supporting me

(You’re always by my side)

Although I was born all alone,
As if I was bound to meet you,
No one else knows me
Like the way you do
I will rise up to face
All things great fatally
Whenever I am with you,
I become stronger
I was not afraid, nothing scared me
However, I do not want to lose you
When the day comes and the rays of light breaks through the clouds

I will not say goodbye

When divergent paths
Begin to open up for me,
I will definitely remember our wish
This journey that we walked together
Forever this will be our testimony
We are always one
What can we say we are able to do
The moment we stand before the raging, roaring waves?
We shall approach these difficult times gently
I believe we can be divine

Our feelings are one
We can be divine

Divine – SNSD




December 2014

Dedicated to Kid Leader and Ice Princess


Amidst the trouble and pain of a sorrowful winter,
a friendship was formed on thin ice.
Through the fatal hardship, they stuck together and made each other’s wishes come true
even until the warmth of life was extinguished away.

Title Explanation:

The title Breaking Thin Ice is basically a combination of two idioms:

Idiom #1: “Breaking the ice”
A way of making people who just met feel closer to each other.
Idiom #2: “On thin ice”
Being in a risky or uncertain situation.

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