Andrei’s Song (Revised)

Andrei's Song (Revised)

Though stars may brighten up the sky so dark
And glow and shine like gems with a spark,
They can't do one thing

Though Rusty has been man's best friend--
Forever sticking out till the end,
He can't do something

Though music keeps my living heart beating--
Mood and emotions keep on swaying
Music isn't one thing


Though they're to brighten up my sky so dark
Like heaven's gifts glistening with a spark;
Would they stay until the end?

Though they're gifts God has graciously sent,
Given to me as a wonderful present
I'm still lonely in the end

More pleasant than strings playing
And trees swaying with the wind blowing,
God had given me the best thing:


It was you
It was none other than you
Love was something only you can do


You have brightened up my sky
Please stay with me until I die
Because forever you are my one and only

The best gift sent from heaven
A loyal friend until the end
The most special thing

Hold me and get to know me;
Forever through life, please love me
Hold my hand, my one and only

-N.S. 2011
-N.S. 2016 (Revised)



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