Guilty Party – Chapter 5: Jessica Jung



Chapter 5

(Jessica Jung)

Two Days Ago…

               “Hey Jessica, can I sleep over at your house again?” Yuri asked me for like, ugh, the hundredth time today.

“What the heck, don’t you have a house of your own?!” I told her. She slept at my house yesterday and three times last week and now she’s begging again. It’s not that I have a problem with it, but ever since some idiot, A.K.A. Kyuhyun, tried to spread rumors in school about Yuri and I having some lesbian relationship, I’m not taking any more chances. I swear; I am not gay! And neither is Yuri, for goodness sakes! We’re just really good friends! Good thing nobody ever believed that rumor because apparently there are more rumors out there about me dating the most random male seniors in school and outside school even though I never went out with any of them! Honestly the gossip about me is never gonna reach a peak. It just continues climbing up that ladder. This is the worst part about being so popular. I don’t even know why I’m always a target for this crap even though I never did anything wrong!

“I do have a house of my own, I just like staying at your place. It’s closer to school and you guys have a personal driver too. My parents don’t mind me staying at your place either because they don’t have to prepare extra food when I’m not around,” she said with her child-like nonchalance. Yuri has always been cool like that. Back when Kyuhyun started teasing me concerning Yuri, she just yelled at Kyuhyun and childishly told him, “What’s it to you? You’re just jealous coz I have access to Jessica’s perfection and you don’t!” Yeah, Yuri’s a good friend—a cool, good friend.

“Okay, fine,” I told her. I have to admit—who cares about Kyuhyun’s stupid rumors? He’s always been the trouble maker and I doubt that anyone would bother putting up with his childish schemes anymore. He’s in his freakin’ final year of high school. He should grow up. Girls can have as much sleepovers and girly hangouts as much as they want!

That night while we were choosing our set of chick-flicks to fall asleep to, Yuri asked, “So, I heard Henry’s throwing a huge party. Are you coming?”

“Meh,” I shrugged. “I don’t want to go.”

“Why not?” Yuri continued looking through the huge DVD shelf in our house library.

“I’m too lazy. You go if you want to,” I said.

“You know, Sica, out of all the rich and popular kids in school, you’re the most unique one,” Yuri said with a giggle.

“I’m the best one,” I jokingly told her.

“That’s true,” Yuri agreed. Of course she has to agree; I always let her stay in my mansion of a house, and not everyone gets invited here, I tell you. I think the last person I ever invited here in my house besides Yuri was Taeyeon… *clears throat* …That was ages ago.

Next day at school, Yuri and I entered the classroom as usual. Over at the front row, Henry sat there while Sunny nagged him about some notebook. This has been going on for a week now. Sunny nags Henry about a notebook every morning this past week so it really wasn’t anything new. Then there was Tiffany always smiling and talking to Taeyeon. And of course, when I pass by Tiffany makes sure to greet me, and Taeyeon and I give each other awkward glances. Then right behind my chair is Onew, of course, sleeping again.

Suddenly, Yuri threw a fit. “Omo! Sica-yah!”

“What now?” I asked her.

“I think I left my phone at your house.”

“Okay, I’ll ask the cleaners to look for it…”


The next day…

It’s Saturday evening and instead of having a relaxing weekend, I’m looking for Yuri’s phone. Ugh, Yuri… Why did her phone have to be on silent/vibrate? It’s like a hundred times harder to find now. Plus, our house is huge. Okay, which part of the house did we even hang out the whole time she was here back in Thursday night? It’s not in my bedroom.

“Eonni, is this the phone you were looking for?” said this tiny voice. It’s my little ten-year-old sister Krystal, or as she’d prefer to be called, Soojung—her Korean name. I asked her to look for the phone too.

“Oh, hey where did you get this?” I speak to her in English every now and then.

“I heard it vibrate under the sofa,” she said.

“Thanks, Soojung. I promise I’ll get you a really good gift for your birthday,” I thanked her like the sweet Eonni that I am. Just kidding; I’m not always nice to her, but I like that kid Soojung a lot because she’s my only sibling and she looks up to me a lot.

Alright, now I just have to give this phone to… Oh my god, today is the stupid birthday party of Henry, and Yuri is going. Gosh, I’d rather not go to that stupid party just to give Yuri her phone. Maybe I can call someone who might see Yuri. I took out my own phone and looked through my contacts list. Let’s see… I think Tiffany will do.

Hello?” Tiffany answered the phone in English.

“Yah, Fany, are you going to Henry’s party?” I asked her in Korean.


“Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure!”  Yeah, ever since I helped her get into the cheerleading team, she gladly does whatever I ask her to. I honestly just wanted her to get into the cheerleading team because I plan on quitting soon. I think I’d like to go on the women’s soccer team instead. It’s what I’ve always wanted anyway. If Tiffany wants to get in the cheerleading team so bad, she can go in. And if I become friends with her, I might eventually get back to being good friends with Taeyeon too… I hope. Ugh, as if that’s ever gonna happen.

“Yuri will be there. Can you tell her to meet me at my house after the party? Thanks.”

Before I hung up the phone, I heard her say “Wait!” So I continued listening. “Aren’t you going to the party?” she asked in Korean.

“No, and I don’t want to. Don’t forget to tell Yuri, okay?”

Alright, now that that’s done, I’ll just have to wait ‘til later. So then I lay back on my soft, amazing bed, and readied myself for a long boring evening of just doing whatever—just the way I like it… No, wait, I have Yuri’s phone, so why not play with it? Oh, this will be exciting going through her phone! It will be a secret, so she doesn’t have to know. I’m already giggling and I still haven’t… Oh, stupid… Her phone has a dumb passcode. Let’s see if I can guess it though. Let’s start with something simple, I mean, she’s not a very complicated person anyway. Let’s see… Her birthday is on December 5th so maybe… one, two, zero, and five? What? It’s wrong? Let’s try something else… Needless to say, I tried entering a well thought-out passcode four times and all of it were wrong. I didn’t want to get her phone locked or anything by getting it wrong five times, so I gave up on it.

About an hour later, a call came to Yuri’s phone. Oddly, it was from Kyuhyun’s phone number. I didn’t even know Yuri had his number. They’re not even that close. And so for the hell of it, I decided to answer the call, but I didn’t say anything. Ha, ha, stupid Kyuhyun… Oddly, when I swiped the call button and stayed quiet, no one answered either. Instead I could hear some loud music playing in the background…

“…12시가 하면 (When it strikes 12)

마법처럼 사라져 (disappear like magic)

오늘만은 보낼 없어 girl (Only for today, can’t let you go, girl)

12시가 하면 잠시 (When it strikes 12, for a while turn off)

Turn off your phone

I just wanna be with you…”

Cinderella – CNBLUE


             What the heck? It sounds like Yonghwa’s band is playing live… “Hello? Hello?” I said since no one was saying anything. Still, no answer and all I could hear was the song playing in the background:


Cinderella, 혼자 두지마 (Don’t leave me alone)

Baby, drive me crazy

Cinderella, 니가 없는 (It’s a long night without you)

Tonight Oh 외톨이야 baby (I’m a loner, baby)

Somebody help me, somebody help me

Somebody help me, somebody help me…”


Suddenly, the call was ended from the other side. Hmph… Kyuhyun probably accidentally dialed Yuri’s number. Anyway, if it’s Yonghwa’s band, then maybe he’s at Taeyeon’s cousin’s restaurant? Yonghwa always plays at that restaurant… About a minute later, Kyuhyun called Yuri’s phone again. “Hello?” I answered, but no one was speaking again. Instead I kept hearing Yonghwa at the background, singing and repeating the same line:

“…Somebody help me, somebody help me

Somebody help me, somebody help me…”


Ugh… I just ended the call myself. What a waste of time. So then for the rest of the evening, I went to the living room to watch TV and every now and then my little sister shows me some of her weird alien drawings. My sister is adorable but she can be really strange sometimes… After a good long evening of eating pizza and watching TV, my phone began to ring.

차가워 너무나 (Too cold)

시려 너무나 (Too cold inside)

이빨이 너무시려 냉면 냉면 냉면 (Teeth so cold, Cold Noodles…)

가슴이 너무시려 냉면 냉면 냉면 (Heart so cold, Cold Noodles…)”

냉면 (Cold Noodles) – Jessica


I picked up my phone and saw that Tiffany was calling. “Oh, Fany, what’s going on?”

“Jessica… You’re… you’re never gonna believe…” Okay, first off, Tiffany sounds like she was crying and choking on her own tears.

Tiffany, are you okay?” I asked her in English.

I heard her sniffing and trying to compose herself and then she finally said, “Yuri won’t make it to your house tonight.”

               At this point my heart suddenly started beating wildly in my chest. Oh no, could something have happened to Yuri? I was suddenly so scared, yet Tiffany hadn’t said anything.

“Yuri was drugged and so she’s at the hospital and Kyuhyun Oppa was murdered…”

“What?!” I just let out a high-pitch scream right there. What in the world did she just say? “Wait, wait, are you being serious right now? Yuri was drugged and Kyuhyun was murdered? By who?”

“I don’t know either,” she replied.

“What? What do you mean you don’t know?” Safe to say I was being really paranoid at this point. My mind went blank and I’m just at a shock to even believe anything at all. Because of all the fuss I was making, my sister stopped drawing, lowered the volume of the TV, and stared at me while I was basically screaming at my phone. Tiffany became quiet and I could only hear her softly sobbing. So then I said, “Tiffany… Tiffany, where are you right now?”

Tiffany told me which hospital to go to and I immediately made our driver head to the place right away. When I arrived at the hospital, I saw Soo-Young’s younger brother and Taeyeon’s younger brother seriously talking to each other at the waiting area of the hospital lobby.

“Sica Noona!” the two boys greeted me when they saw me. Then Taeyeon’s brother, Key, quickly told me where Yuri and everyone else was.

At the emergency department, I saw Yuri, Tiffany, Soo-Young, Taeyeon, and Yuri’s parents. Soo-Young was sleeping on the bed next to the unconscious Yuri, and Tiffany sat next to Taeyeon on the seats nearby with her hand around her best friend, as if trying to comfort her. Taeyeon did not seem like herself at all. She was staring blankly at nothing, looking horribly pale.

“Jessica!” Tiffany stood up and met me halfway when she saw me coming closer. I briefly hugged her and immediately went to Yuri’s side.

“She’ll be alright; no need to worry,” said Yuri’s father assured me. He probably read into my expression that I was utterly worried about my friend. Stupid Yuri… How could you make me worry like this?!

Then my eyes wandered back to Taeyeon, who was still blankly staring at nothing as if she never noticed my arrival at all. So I turned back to Tiffany and asked as calmly as possible, “What exactly happened here?”

“I’m not sure about the details either,” Tiffany replied in English. It was easy to tell that Tiffany was also emotionally scarred because she wasn’t even trying to speak Korean at all. Since her Korean is not perfect, she liked to practice speaking Korean as much as she can, but now, she just says everything in English. She then told me about the horror that Taeyeon saw out there. She basically saw Yonghwa alone in a room with Kyuhyun’s bleeding body lying face down on the floor. No wonder she looked very traumatized. But something’s totally strange—what was that strange phone call from Kyuhyun about a few hours ago? He called Yuri’s phone but did not say anything. Instead I could hear Yonghwa singing in the background… While I was pondering this, Tiffany continued, “…then Yonghwa was arrested by the police for further questioning.”

“Okay, here’s the thing,” I told Tiffany to make her stop talking. “Yuri’s phone was with me the whole night, and Kyuhyun called her phone twice!”

“Really?” I heard a deep, manly voice respond to me all of a sudden. When I turned around, I saw Soo-Young’s brother, Minho with Taeyeon’s brothers Heechul and Key.

Taeyeon’s older brother went by her side and shook her shoulders. “Taeyeon, come on, let’s go home.”

“Oh, Heechul Oppa is here,” Tiffany said.

“When did Kyuhyun Hyung call?” Minho asked me.

“I don’t know, about half past seven or something like that,” I replied. “He didn’t even say anything—”

Before I could finish talking, he said, “That makes no sense. I was with him that whole time and he never called anyone. He was talking to me, Changmin Hyung, Key, and Seohyun at that time.”

“Minho, go wake your sister up,” Heechul Oppa interrupted us. Apparently he’s here to take the rest of them home in his van. In obedience to Heechul Oppa, Minho lightly shook his sister’s arm to wake her up. Soo-Young hesitantly got up and was supported by her brother as they walked out of the emergency department. So there I was left with Yuri and her parents at the hospital, still bothered by what had happened. I held Yuri’s hand and sat there quietly, thankful that she will be alright. Get well soon, Yul.

That night after visiting Yuri—when I was lying down on my bed thinking about what had just happened—I heard a vibrating phone from inside my purse. Shoot… I forgot to give her phone back…

I sighed and got up to look for Yuri’s phone in my purse. When I saw who was calling her, I was shocked. Why is Kyuhyun’s number calling Yuri again?! He couldn’t have dialed or used his phone; he’s dead! I held the ringing phone in my hand, and turned the lights on, not knowing if I should answer this call or not. Then my eyes wandered to my alarm clock. It was exactly 12 o’clock midnight. What is going on here?!

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