Forgotten Season (잊혀진 계절)







2014 (First Release in AFF) – Revised and On Going


This fictional story is set in the late 1940’s and the 1950’s: a time period of great historical importance in 20th century Korea. Before that time, the Korean peninsula was one nation under the strict Japanese rule, which had lasted from 1910 to 1945. Despite the industrial developments, spread of commerce, and urban developments, the Japanese were notorious for completely controlling everything: Korea’s government, economy, industries, etc. Japan even went so far as to obliterate most of Korean culture, suppress the voice of the people, and utilize Koreans as slaves, laborers, and front-line soldiers. In 1941, the Korean Liberation Army waged war against the Japanese. Not long after, Japan joined the Axis Powers along with Germany and Italy during World War II.

World War II concluded in a defeat for the Axis Powers by 1945. Japan had to surrender North and South Korea to both the Soviet Union and the United States respectively, splitting the country in half at the 38th Parallel. Although Korea may have been freed from the Japanese oppressive rule, the situation at the Korean Peninsula has certainly not improved. More complicated issues arose. The two sides could not agree on unification due to the difference in political opinions, causing them to remain separated with neither side succumbing to either’s ideals. This caused animosity and turmoil spread throughout the Korean Peninsula due to the people’s dissatisfaction and the North and South’s estrangement and dissension. In order to keep anyone from crossing the borders, the 38th Parallel was turned into a demilitarized zone heavily guarded by soldiers from both North and South Korea. By the late 1940’s, Korea was reduced to a time bomb just waiting to explode.

After a lot of propaganda, violent protests, threats, and disagreements, North Korea crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded South Korea in the summer of 1950. This marked the beginning of the inconclusive Korean War.

Table of Contents


  1. 어느 여름 밤 (One Summer Night)
  2. 다음에 또, 만나요 (See You Again, Soon)
  3. 내게 기대도 돼 (Lean On Me)
  4. 책임감 (Responsibility)

To Be Continued…


Forgotten Season (Ballad)


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